Churchill’s Take on Cyberbullying After Allegations of not Paying Comedians

April 30, 2020

Veteran comedian Daniel Ndambuki alias Churchill has indirectly addressed allegations that he has not paid ‘Churchill Show’ comedians since November last year.

Speaking on a recent episode of the show, Churchill spoke out against cyberbullying saying it’s good to have critics.

Kila mtu ananiambia I have to mention about cyberbullying. And I will say this, it’s good to have critics, they help you move and progress in life. Lakini hakuna pillar moja utaona imetengenezwa ya critic,” said Ndambuki.

He noted that online critics, otherwise known as keyboard warriors, rarely succeed in life because they only focus on bringing other people down.

“A critic is a fan who wants you to do better than yourself. Na wale keyboard warriors ambao hupenda kuandika maneno, sio keyboard it’s you.  Hautawahi ona mtu ambaye ameendelea maishani, a businessman kama kina Chris Kirubi, Manu Chandaria, trying to bring down someone because they know the journey they have taken.

“So as you write those things, make sure utaangalia huyo jamaa useme ‘I wish there is a way I can help them up’. That’s how we grow as a society, for me it’s all about positivity, that’s how we grow. I have never seen in my life any successful person trying to bringing someone down, because they know and respect each other,” said Churchill.

This comes after controversial blogger Robert Alai tweeted: “Anyone who talks to Dan Ndambuki aka Churchill, tell him to pay the comedians. NTV has fully paid him, but because he lives a careless debt with poor financial management, comedians who provide him with content have not been paid since November 2019.”

In a tweet, Churchill simply wrote: “One day, you will know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”

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