Another Plague? Millions of Nairobi Flies Invade Kenyan Town [VIDEO]

April 23, 2020

With 2020 already proving to be the year of plagues, a swarm of Nairobi flies invaded a town in Kenya raising fears of yet another plague that the country might have to contend with.

Millions of the colourful rove beetles invaded Kabarnet, Baringo County Wednesday morning bringing businesses to a standstill. A video shared on the Citizen TV Twitter page yesterday showed the insects covering large parts of the road including the bus stage and business premises.

Citizen report that the insects caused panic in the town, with residents fleeing and shutting down businesses.

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A driver identified as Daniel Mutai said they were unable to report to work as their offices remain closed as a result of the bizarre infestation.

David Kiplagat, a community leader, expressed fear that the insects might be a sign of a plague given that the county recently dealt with locust invasion. He further urged residents to be cautious since the insects are harmful to the skin.

The locals called on the Baringo County government to take action and spray the insects before they get out of hand.

The Nairobi fly dermatitis doesn’t sting or bite, but when its ant-like body is brushed or crushed against the skin, potent toxin spills onto the skin, causing itching, a burning sensation and swelling.

Watch the video below and some comments from Twitter users:

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