Vivian Speaks on Pregnancy Rumours

March 19, 2020

Musician Vivian Wambui is not expecting a child with her partner, Sam West.

The ‘Chum Chum’ singer sparked fan speculation of being pregnant in a since-deleted post on Instagram.

Posting a picture with a group of kids, Vivian wrote: “How many of y’all believe I’d be a brilliant mum of these four plus one (this one is still baking in the tummy). These are serious thoughts.”

But when reached for comment, Vivian, through text, said: “Not pregnant yet.”

Fans of the couple will also have to wait a little longer to see them walk down the aisle. In addition to postponing their wedding following the passing of West’s dad, the lovebirds are still having a hard time agreeing on how they want their D-day.

“I doubt if we will be able to wed this year as intended because we have been disagreeing a lot on how the ceremony should be. Whereas I want a big colorful wedding ceremony to celebrate our love, my fiancé keeps insisting of a private wedding. I think for now we will pass and wait for next year,” said Sam.

Vivian and her manager fiance were set to get married later this year but have postponed it to early next year.

“Early next year, we are doing the white wedding. Fans should be assured that we are doing it. It needs to be done well and we would like it to be in the spirit of excellence. A wedding is a ceremony to crown the marriage and if it’s not well done, it represents your marriage. It is a communal thing,” Sam said.

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