Kenyan rapper, singer, songwriter and activist Muthoni Drummer Queen has earned a big shout out from American R&B singer Toni Braxton.

The ‘Unbreak My Heart’ composer, who is one of the highest-selling female R&B artistes in history, took to Twitter last week to commend MDQ over her latest release – ‘Power’.

This one for the women who came before us, who built the world for us, who make it work for us” Congrats to @muthoniDQ#InternationalWomensDay2020,” Toni posted to her 1.7 million followers

Indeed, ‘Power’ has been earning plaudits for its powerful women empowerment message, and it was only right that the seven-time Grammy award-winning singer joined the bandwagon.

‘Power’ is the first single off Muthoni Drummer Queen’s upcoming album. She said she wanted to empower women and help them “resist oppression, break molds and defy stereotypes, forge paths and occupy space”.

MDQ recently won the Best artist in French Switzerland at Swizz Music awards in Switzerland.

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Long read alert, but it is worth your time. The day mothers stripped for the release of their sons and daughters caught in Moi's toture chambers. From Feb 28, 1992, mothers of political prisoners staged strikes lasting 11 months at Uhuru Park’s ‘Freedom Corner’. They were on a hunger strike, after unsuccessfully petitioning then-Attorney General Amos Wako to free their sons. The late, Wangari Maathai, among other sympathizers, joined the group of mothers in solidarity and amplified the protest largely ignored by mainstream media at the time. She was criticized yet again and denounced by the President, being called a “madwoman” and “a threat to the order and security of the country”. The tyrannical government at the time, seeing the attention the protest was attracting, reacted with a squad of Police goons in riot gear brutally attacking the elderly women with teargas, kicks, and blows with batons. The women, in retaliation, stripped naked and cursed their attackers – forcing them to retreat in shame and embarrassment. Maathai was beaten into a coma and had to be hospitalized. This made it to the newspaper headlines, causing uproar across the nation and criticism internationally. The aftermath of their brave actions that day changed the course of democracy in Kenya that is still felt today. May we never forget their names! #Power??

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