“This is How I Look in Real Life!” Anita Nderu Slams Body Shamer

March 24, 2020

Anita Nderu waged war against body shamers on social media after one of her fans shamed her for having stretch marks.

Over the weekend, the media personality published on Instagram an unedited photo of herself in a floral bikini, drawing positive reactions from most netizens.

One IG user, however, pointed out that Anita has stretch marks yet she had not given birth.

Those stretch marks na hujazaa……??” wrote the body shamer identified as @fatmahibrahim1.

Not one to let it slide, Anita Nderu hit back saying: “Sweetheart, stretch marks, cellulite, random color patches, fat here and there is part of being a human being. I chose to go edit free this year because I want everyone to feel confident about who they are. If a photo was taken on my phone, that is how I will post it. This is how I look in real life, why should I lie to you I look any other way?”

Ms Nderu also noted that her bikini post riled up some netizens but she asserted that it is her account and she would post anything she wanted.

“For some reason, this post really touched a nerve. It is my instagram account though , so I shall post whatever I please. I shall continue to dissuade body shaming because that actually makes a lot of people feel bad about themselves and there is no need for that, man or woman, no one was born “perfect” and there is no need to seek that “perfection” you are lovely just the way you are. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. Keep scrolling or unfollow, it is really never that serious,” wrote the Trend host.

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