“Stop Blaming Uhuru For China Plane to Kenya,” Says Vera Sidika

March 19, 2020

Former video vixen Vera Sidika has jumped to the defence of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his government over a China Southern Airlines flight that landed in Nairobi last month.

The flight with 239 people sparked outrage from Kenyans who questioned the country’s preparedness to deal with COVID-19.

Taking to social media, Vera Sidika said it was dumb to blame the President for allowing the plane into the country.

“So many people busy blaming the President for letting the flight from China into the country and that’s dumb. Been debating with everyone telling me this and they think they make sense, honestly, if anything was to be done at all would be to cancel all flights from everywhere not just one route how do y’all even reason,” she posted.

Vera also shared a screenshot of a conversation she had with someone who argued that things would be different if the flight had been blocked.

The socialite replied that the first Coronavirus case didn’t come from the flight and neither did it come from a Chinese nationality.

“If they stopped the China plane coming to Kenya and allowed UK, US, the first case girl would still bring it regardless,” reads Vera’s response.

She added: “Now China planes have stopped but the one from the UK is allowed in, still bringing the virus. You cant control the situation at all. People should stop blaming the Government.” 


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