Nairobi County Waives Mortuary Fees Until End of Month

March 25, 2020

City Hall has waived all mortuary fees until March 31 in the wake of the coronavirus(Covid-19) pandemic.

Nairobi County’s Executive for Health, Hitan Majevdia, announced Tuesday(March 24) members of the public have seven days to collect the remains of their loved ones.

The directive applies to bodies that are at City Mortuary, Mbagathi and any other hospital managed by the county.

Majevdia said those collecting the bodies will not be charged irrespective of any penalties and other charges they might have been required to pay.

“We are aware that there are some bodies that have court cases. Those are the only bodies we expect to remain in the facilities for preservation. For the others, we want to tell members of the public that they have until March 31 which is exactly seven days from now to collect the bodies,” he said.

Failure to which, City Hall will dispose of remains that will not have been claimed through legal means.

The Health CEC said collection of the bodies will be restricted to immediate family members in accordance with the directive on social distancing.

At the same time, Majevdia said the county will continue to monitor gatherings in funerals to ensure crowding is minimised within public burial sites.

City Inspectorate officers are also closely monitoring city bars and restaurants to ensure they comply with the directive to only offer take away services, he said.


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