Joker Slots: Who Doesn’t Love The Trickster

March 5, 2020

It can be extremely hard when picking which online slot game to spend your hard earned cash on. There are millions of options with endless themes ranging from superhero to Las Vegas style. One of our favourite styles of casino games however is the joker style slot. Who doesn’t love to play game online that is guaranteed to not only make you laugh but keep you hooked with a little trick up their sleeve? So if you fancy playing slots that are as fun as they are rewarding then keep reading to find out our top picks for joker slots, because who doesn’t love the trickster? 

Vegas Joker Slot

Forget about any over the top animation and go back to the basics with this online casino game. Produced by Betsoft, this slot has a real retro vibe that will make you feel like you’ve travelled back in time to the days of your youth in the early 90s whilst you play. With just 3 reels and 5 possible paylines, it’s easy to get to grips with and there’s little possibility players can confuse themselves with betting amounts and payouts. The trick with this game is the bonus rounds where players can double or nothing their winnings and risk a big win or losing it all. If you line up a combination in the extra level, you can cash out a much more rewarding payout. However if you fail to win in the bonus round, you lose everything that you had won on the first reels at the start. This sneaky trick is what gives this game some extra excitement and keeps punters coming back for more.  Games like this prove that slots don’t need to have fancy graphics and flashing lights to be both fun and exhilarating. It’s well made, will keep you on your toes and provides good opportunity to win. You can’t really ask more than that can you? 

Mega Joker

Now this game follows a format that is a little more similar to newer releases so most players shouldn’t find this one difficult to play. Produced by the developers at Novomatic, Mega Joker has a 5 by 4 reel grid with 40 paylines available.  It also receives top marks in terms of availability as it’s available on all Kindle, Window, Android and iOS devices so absolutely anyone can play. Fruit is the name of the game as symbols take a variety of forms including lemons, cherries, grapes and plums. The juiciest prizes though have to be the strawberries and pears, which reward punters up to 48,000 coins. Like all joker slots, this online slot game has a little secret trick that punters would do well to take advantage of. Any reward is available to be gambled further if the punter chooses to guess the colour of a facedown a playing card. Guess right and you can double your winnings, but guess wrong and you will lose it all. A feature that’s certainly no laughing matter but will keep you smiling all the way to the bank if you’re right.

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