‘Bazokizo’ Hitmaker Bruz Newton Goes Secular, Watch His Sultry Music Video

March 13, 2020

Another one bites the dust! Kenyan singer and dancer Bruz Newton has switched from gospel to secular.

Newton, who is famed for his breakout hit ‘Bazokiko’ alongside Collo, came into the limelight three years ago. During that time, he released gospel tracks such as ‘Zigwembe Ya Yesu’, ‘Bariki’, ‘Witinesi’ among others.

This year, however, Bruz Newton, has decided to break his creative shackles and showcase his full potential as a performer.

“I just decided to make music without walls around me because I’m a creative. We were not created to be in walls but be free to exploit and showcase our potentials without limits. I also want to be the next great performer because before the music, I’m a dance choreographer and I want to dance to anything without feeling condemnation,” he says of his transformation.

He adds: “Plus there is a gap in the music industry for a great act who can sing and dance. I’ve not changed who I am. Bruz Newton is a product that hasn’t been utilized enough and I want to make use of that product and make sure it’s progressive and productive enough to help me reach greatness.”

Bruz notes that he has done his homework on what he needs to achieve greatness and assures his fans that he won’t be mediocre.

“I’ve taken enough time to study musc and music business, t learn the basics and foundation of becoming a great act. And what it requires for me to reach I had to study great people, from how they started to where they are. Be sure of no mediocrity,” he concludes.

Newton’s new track is titled ‘Washa Moto’ assisted by Ugandan boyband, UGA Boyz. Watch him break his shackles below.

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