The Top Stories on the Internet Today (Monday February 24)

February 24, 2020

These are some of today’s biggest headlines.

Italy coronavirus cases soar, in Europe’s biggest outbreak – CNN

Schools and a wide range of public events across the northern Italian region of Lombardy will be closed starting Monday in response to the coronavirus outbreak there, regional authorities announced Sunday. The closures also affect sports and religious events, museums and university classes, the authorities said in a press release.

Healthy Wuhan residents say they were forced into mass quarantine

Three weeks ago, Lisa Wang was fighting a high fever when she was turned away from an overflowing hospital in Wuhan, the central Chinese city mired in a deadly coronavirus crisis.

Pete Buttigieg warns against nominating Sanders as Vermont senator gains momentum

For Pete Buttigieg, it’s now all about Bernie Sanders.

Clint Eastwood shows support for Michael Bloomberg

Actor and director Clint Eastwood, a longtime supporter of Republican candidates, appeared to back Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg for president and criticized President Donald Trump’s behavior in office in an interview published in The Wall Street Journal Friday.

Daredevil ‘Mad Mike’ Hughes dies while attempting to launch a homemade rocket

Daredevil “Mad Mike” Hughes died during an attempt to launch his homemade rocket Saturday.

A YouTuber’s fancy Bali vacation sure looked nice. Nope, the photos were taken in an Ikea

Natalia Taylor posted a series of photos to her Instagram to trick her followers into thinking she traveled to Bali, Indonesia. But the photos were really from IKEA.

Yeshaneh sets new world record with Nike Vaporfly shoes

Ethiopia’s Ababel Yeshaneh became the latest athlete to break a world record wearing Nike’s controversial Vaporfly shoes as she won the Ras Al Khaimah half marathon in the United Arab Emirates.

Burger King debuts a french fry sandwich and Wendy’s isn’t impressed

Burger chains have come a long way, now offering a wide array of options for all, no matter your dietary preference.

Bernie Sanders Is The Winner Of The 2020 Nevada Democratic Caucuses

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is the projected winner of Nevada’s Democratic caucuses, NBC News reported on Saturday evening. Nevada is the third state to vote in the Democratic primary, and has a much more diverse population than the two states that have already weighed in: Iowa, which is still grappling with recounts, and New Hampshire, which Sanders won.

Joe Biden Says He Was Arrested In South Africa Decades Ago

Former Vice President Joe Biden has begun telling a story on the campaign trail of his being arrested in South Africa decades ago. The only problem is, he doesn’t appear to have mentioned this incident publicly before this month.

Judge accused of coaching murder suspect

A Kenyan judge has been arrested and accused of coaching the main suspect in a murder trial – a widow whose husband was found in a septic tank. Appeal Court Judge Sankale ole Kantai did not comment after his alleged link to murder suspect Sarah Wairimu came under scrutiny.

Sanders takes lead in early Nevada results

Bernie Sanders looks set to cement his status as the Democratic front-runner to take on Donald Trump in November’s presidential election in the US. Early results show Mr Sanders leading in Nevada’s caucuses, and suggest he is on course for a large win. There is a long way to go, however, until a nominee is confirmed.

Eden Hazard: Real Madrid forward fractures ankle again

Real Madrid forward Eden Hazard will miss Wednesday’s Champions League last-16 tie against Manchester City after fracturing his ankle. Hazard, 29, hobbled off in the second half of Real’s La Liga 1-0 loss to Levante on Saturday. The Belgian only returned to action last week after missing almost three months with a similar injury.

Is this the start of an aviation revolution?

As air journeys go, it was just a short hop into the early morning sky before the de Havilland seaplane splashed back down on the Fraser River in Richmond, British Columbia. Four minutes earlier it had taken off from the same patch of water.

See the impacts of Antarctica’s heat wave in stunning before-and-after photos

On Feb. 6, the ongoing impacts of climate change delivered a record-setting 65-degree day in the icy continent of Antarctica. Now you can see what that warming actually looks like. The first image below is from Feb. 4, just a couple days before the arrival of the warm temperatures that lingered in the region through Feb.

A guide to the three new witchers in ‘The Witcher’ Season 2

Just when everyone got “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher” out of their heads, Netflix announced the casting for seven new characters who will appear in the second season of The Witcher. Three of those characters should be familiar to anyone who has read Andrzej Sapkowski’s books or played CD Projekt Red games‚ because they are…wait for it…also witchers.

Father files FTC complaint against YouTube over video of his daughter’s murder

YouTube was hit with an FTC complaint over videos showing a young woman’s violent murder. The woman’s father, gun safety advocate Andy Parker, and Georgetown Law’s Civil Rights Clinic filed an FTC against YouTube on Thursday. Parker’s daughter Alison was working as a local news reporter for WDBJ in Roanoke, Virginia, when she was killed on live television in 2015.

Thanks to Brexit, British Google user data will be moved to U.S.

Using Google in the UK? Your data is about to move under U.S. jurisdiction thanks to Brexit. Google is moving where it controls British user data from Ireland, where the company’s Europe headquarters is located, back to the U.S. following Britain’s exit from the EU.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is very vulnerable to dust, teardown shows

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip isn’t officially dust-proof, but Samsung took some measures to make it harder for dust to penetrate into the device, including placing little dust-repelling brushes into the hinge. But the brushes don’t do a particularly good job of stopping dust from entering the device, at least according to the experts at iFixit, who tore the phone down to bits and tested its dust-repelling properties.

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