‘Spoil Your Man On Valentine’s Day’ – Julie Gichuru Urges

February 13, 2020

As we count hours to Valentine’s Day, revered Kenyan media personality Julie Gichuru has issued a special message to all the lovers planning to celebrate the occasion.

In a powerful post to her Instagram page on Wednesday, the former Citizen TV news anchor addressed men and women separately. To the men, Julie advised her “sons” not to bow down to the pressure of delivering beyond their means.

According to Julie, if a man feels pressured to spend beyond his means, he should seek a woman who is more understanding.

“To my sons, there is no need to feel pressure to deliver what is beyond your means or even simply imprudent or impactical. One rose and your time is more than enough and any woman worth her salt would get it. If you feel pressured to live beyond your means maybe you need to look for the woman who will be your friend, partner and equal. Give love, respect and attention every day, that is the true gift ♥️ ,” wrote Julie.

And to her “daughters”, Julie challenged them to take the hull by the horns and spoil their men if they are able to.

“To my daughters,
There is nothing more empowering than deciding to break the mold and take control. Get him a rose. Give him a gift. Take the drivers seat and spoil him if you can. A woman must know that she needs nothing from any external forces other than God. She must know that she can handle her business. She therefore needs no man but is able to choose her partner – her homie/lover/friend. That is powerful. Be that woman ♥️ Be different.
Do it your way.
No pressure.
Hii mwaka haitaki makasiriko ☺?♥️???” she concluded.

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