Man, 76, Allowed Into Moi’s Home After Cycling From Kakamega to Kabarnet

February 12, 2020

A man’s sheer determination to pay last respect to late former President Daniel Arap Moi paid off after he was allowed into the home of Kenya’s second Head of State.

Nathan Ambuti, 76, had cycled from Kakamega County to Kabarak in Nakuru but he was turned away upon reaching Moi’s home on Tuesday morning.

Ambuti said ‘tough’ security officers told him to return on Wednesday when the burial for the late Mzee Moi will be held. But after his story was shared widely on social media, Ambuti was finally allowed to pay tribute to a leader he held in high regard.

One of the communications officer from Gideon Moi’s office, Lex Ander, said Ambuti was allowed into the residence later on Tuesday.

“And we finally traced the man and took him to Mzee’s home to say pole. Whoever highlighted, thank you. The old man is very happy,” Lex observed.

Ambuti, who covered approximately 223 kilometers in four days, was ecstatic when he got to sign Moi’s condolence book.

Ambuti, who hails from Butere, said during the long journey he would spend the night on verandas.

“I would not wish to miss the funeral of the man who was an icon of peace not only in Kenya but across Africa,” he said.

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