Diamond: I Make a Lot of Money From My Kenyan Fanbase

February 18, 2020

Bongo star Diamond Platnumz has revealed that he generates a substantial amount of his wealth from his fanbase in Kenya.

Diamond, who pocketed a cool Sh6.5 Million from the Chrome Invasion New Year Party, said he also makes a lot of money from digital platforms such as YouTube where Kenyans make the bulk of his views.

According to Diamond, Kenyans should extend a similar kind of support to their musicians to help them grow.

“It’s important for people to support musicians from their country. For example, I’ve gotten a lot of support from Kenya especially on my digital platforms. On YouTube, most views are from Kenya. If they can support me why can’t they support their own? I am making a lot of money from YouTube, I am making a lot of money. If I can make money then whey can’t other musicians do it?” he posed while addressing the press.

Diamond noted that there is money to be made in music but musicians have to brand themselves as superstars and set standards.

“How you brand yourself is very important. There is money in music, if you want to make money you can and if you don’t, you won’t. How you brand yourself is very important. Have a set fee and if people can’t match up then they can leave. Don’t force people to pay you a lot of money if you cannot give them value for their money,” he stated.

The singer added that it’s important for a musician to have a good team and a lot of hits that they can perform.

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