Bien Speaks on ‘Suzanna’, Crystal Asige Exiting Sol Generation

February 25, 2020

Sauti Sol lead singer Bein Aime has confirmed that singer Crystal Asige is no longer part of Sol Generation.

Without revealing much detail, Bien said there was a dispute that led to their separation.

“The dispute was amicably solved and we are glad we worked together for the one year and at least people know Crystal now,” he said.

“I think she got a platform where she can grow.”

Bien also spoke about Sauti Sol’s new jam, ‘Suzanna’, saying it is about everything people use to conceal their real image.

These include makeup, alcohol, stunting on the Gram, bleaching, and more.

“Suzanna is everything that you use to mask the real you. I have tried to be so many people before I settled on being Bien. What most people do not know is that the song is an old ballad whose time had come.”

“I wrote the song two years ago and forgot about it. When we were doing the album, I decided to finish it and it sounded so great. Once I shared it on my Instagram, it went viral,” he said.

Suzanna’ is the first single off Sauti Sol’s forthcoming album ‘Midnight Train’.

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