Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘Talanta Mtaani’ Host STL Yamumo

January 13, 2020

Stella “STL” Yamumo fast-rising TV and radio presenter, voice-over artiste, emcee, community worker, vlogger and blogger.

She is best known as co-host of ‘Talanta Mtaani’ tv show and “Tuchapiane” show on Mtaani Radio, a community-based radio in Dagoretti South.

She talked to People Daily about her journey.

You are rolled up in one huge portfolio. How do you manoeuvre around all this?

It’s all through God’s grace, desire to be successful backed by faith and gratitude. But I don’t think it’s huge yet. I have so much I want to achieve…this is just the beginning.

Doing different things helps to spread the risks as sometimes media work can be challenging.

How and when did you develop your interest in TV and radio?

Radio has always been my first love. I love to talk, but on the inside I’m a bit shy and laidback and thought radio would be a perfect match as no one would get to see me.

Then TV came calling in 2017 at a time when I was trying to get some decent income, as radio wasn’t paying well. 

Who inspired you towards this direction?

I always draw inspiration from different media personalities in Kenya, Africa and around the globe. There is always something to learn from people ahead of me and in my line of work. One rule about life; never stop learning.

Did your parents support you fully in the pursuit of your media career?

My family has been super supportive; they’ve been my biggest fans. My first time on radio I worked at a vernacular radio station and the one time I got to do a reggae show, my grandparents were tuned in and it’s one of the most memorable times in my career.

One of your major achievements is being the host of Talanta Mtaani TV show. How has this impacted your life?

It has made me realise you can achieve whatever you set your mind to. The show has helped me gain self-confidence, create networks and build my brand. It has also made me appreciate that Kenya is trully a hotbed of talent.

How has the journey been working as a radio producer and presenter?

I have been on radio for four years, hosting a three-hour mid-morning show from 10am to 1pm. I get to have discussions on issues affecting the youth, inspiration and talent.

The journey has been a cocktail of good, bad and incredible experiences. It has been an opportunity to learn from each experience. 

As a community worker, tell us about your three-year campaign on children rights. 

The campaign was funded by the Italian government department of Foreign Affairs in partnership with Koinonia Community. It sought to highlight the importance of upholding children rights.

We sensitised the community by visiting schools, holding street theatre activities, used public service announcement on community radio and handing out publications. Violation of children rights is one the factors that leads to children heading out to the streets.

What are your aspirations?

I want to get on mainstream radio and host more TV shows on a larger scale. The sky is the lower limit.

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