The Top Stories on the Internet Today (Wednesday January 29)

January 29, 2020

Here are some of today’s biggest headlines.

Coronavirus outbreak: Latest world news and live updates – CNN

Rising toll: 106 people are dead and more than 4,515 cases have been confirmed in mainland China, as the Wuhan coronavirus continues to spread throughout Asia and the rest of the world. China on lockdown: Nearly 60 million people have been affected by partial or full lockdowns in Chinese cities as the country’s government steps up its response.

Japan tourism company faces 20,000 cancellations from coronavirus outbreak

The phone lines at Kamome, a Tokyo-based travel agency that specializes in tours for Chinese tourists, haven’t stopped buzzing. On Sunday, China announced a ban on outbound group travel as part of its battle to stop the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus.

Israel’s Netanyahu withdraws immunity request in corruption cases

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has withdrawn his request for immunity from prosecution on charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust, just hours before he is set to meet President Donald Trump for the unveiling of the US administration’s long-anticipated Middle East plan.

Kobe Bryant: The making of a global superstar

The sporting world and beyond is mourning the death of Kobe Bryant, aged 41. The NBA legend and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna were among nine on board a helicopter that crashed on Sunday. CNN looks back at 24 defining moments in the career of an NBA great, who mesmerized, broke records and transcended his sport.

8 million children have been forced out of school by growing violence in west Africa

A new UNICEF report released on Tuesday quantifies the alarming human cost of the escalating violence in the Sahel. More than 8 million school-aged children in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger have been forced from school.

Roger Federer saves seven match points to reach Australian Open semifinals

He said after the match that he believes in miracles, and Roger Federer needed exactly that to stay alive at the Australian Open.

How to tame Nairobi’s matatu buses

Kenyan company Data Integrated is using technology data to streamline the city’s informal network of matatu buses.

$500,000 worth of jewelry was in a backpack stolen from a Philadelphia hotel

The backpack was taken from the Sofitel Hotel Monday morning, police said.

Trump Lawyers Ignore John Bolton Bombshell In Senate Trial

WASHINGTON ― The bombshell revelation that former national security adviser John Bolton has written a book essentially confirming the Democrats’ case against President Donald Trump went curiously unaddressed by the president’s lawyers on Monday in the Senate impeachment trial.

Federal Workers Say They’ve Been Gagged From Speaking Out On Trump’s Impeachment

For more than a year, a federal ethics agency has instructed federal employees to steer clear of taking a stand at work for or against the impeachment of President Donald Trump, saying that doing so could run afoul of the Hatch Act that bars them from participating in certain political activities.

Tears And Laughs: Kimmel, Fallon Lead Powerful Late-Night Tributes To Kobe Bryant

The late-night talk-show hosts paid tribute to Los Angeles Lakers great Kobe Bryant on Monday. Bryant, 41, and his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, were among nine people killed in a helicopter accident on Sunday. Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel forced back tears as they shared stories of their encounters with Bryant while Conan O’Brien discussed how he wanted to remember the Lakers star.

‘Devastated’ LeBron James Makes A Promise To Kobe Bryant In Heartbreaking Post

Los Angeles Lakers All-Star LeBron James shared a heartbreaking message on Instagram one day after the death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant, writing that it was still difficult to speak and promising to care for the team in his absence. “I’m not ready,” James wrote on Monday, one day after Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash.

Kobe Bryant Often Said ‘I Want To Die Young’: Tracy McGrady

NBA star Tracy McGrady said Monday that Kobe Bryant often told him he wanted “to die young” to be “immortalized.” (See the videos below.) McGrady, a Basketball Hall of Famer, tearfully remembered his friend Bryant, a fellow athlete who went from high school to the pros and achieved greatness, following Bryant’s death in a California helicopter crash.

‘Outrage’ At Washington Post After Reporter Suspended For Viral Kobe Bryant Tweets

The Washington Post has come under scrutiny from members of its own staff after the paper made the controversial decision to suspend one of its political reporters for tweets she posted after NBA star Kobe Bryant’s death.

Bolton Reportedly Raised Alarm About Trump Granting Favors To China, Turkey Leaders

John Bolton, the former national security adviser, told Attorney General William Barr that he was worried President Donald Trump had grown too friendly with the strongman leaders of China and Turkey, according to accounts in an unpublished book Bolton wrote that was obtained by The New York Times.

The coronavirus has sent a video game about wiping out humanity to #1

Video game has had a surge of popularity in light of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, which has infected over 4,000 people and killed over 100 with no signs of slowing. You play as a deadly pathogen in the distressingly relevant game, spreading across the globe to wipe out humanity.

YouTube reversed my bogus copyright strike after I threatened to write this

Can you receive a copyright strike on YouTube for content that doesn’t even exist? You can and I would know because it happened to me. You see, I host a political podcast, DOOMED with Matt Binder, which I also stream live on YouTube.

5 things you didn’t know about the iPad on its 10th anniversary

On January 27, 2010, the late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, presented a device to the world that looked a lot like a giant iPhone that didn’t make calls. A few months later, the first iPad was made available to the public, more or less kicking off a tablet revolution, the effects of which can still be felt today.

Google Docs went down and everyone panicked

Welp, hope you weren’t planning on getting work done today. Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides all briefly went down Monday due to an unknown issue, which appeared to affect both the consumer and business versions of Google’s productivity apps. The source of the issue wasn’t immediately clear.

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