“I Leave with my Head High” – Mwangi Kiunjuri’s Full Statement After Sack

January 15, 2020

Mwangi Kiunjuri was the only casualty in President Uhuru’s surprise cabinet reshuffle on Tuesday.

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The former Agriculture Cabinet Secretary later addressed the media saying he was not surprised by the sack and that he was relieved.

Read his full statement below.

“As you all know, the President has reorganized his government this morning. I take this opportunity to thank him most sincerely for our friendship and most importantly for the honour and privilege to have served in his government as a Cabinet Secretary.

I am glad that in his address, the President acknowledged that all agricultural production at all levels has gone up.

During the four years, since December 2015 that I have served in this capacity, I have gained immeasurable experience, exposure and had an insider’s view of how government works courtesy of H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta.

I shall forever be grateful.

The President’s decision has not taken me by surprise. I thank God. I feel relieved.

Having in the recent past gone through a most difficult year, that on a number of occasions threatened my energy and resolve.

Some of you know that I have endured a lot of humiliation and only God and my immediate family know how this made me feel.

I, therefore, take this opportunity too, to thank my family, friends and work associates that have stood with me, by me and given me strength during my highest and lowest moments. Thank you all.

I have given my best to the assignments that I have been given and I am proud of my achievements. I, therefore, leave with my head high.

Moving forward, I turn a new page, knowing very well that when God closes one door, he always opens another. I believe there is a door down the road…and as we say in Gīkūyū, “mumagari nī wa njūa igīrī.”– loosely translated – one who is on a journey, should and is always ready for any eventuality.

In this world we are born with nothing and depart with nothing. We wield power for a time. And leave it to others. And, even in the wilderness, God provides.

‘Don’t Cry For Me’

To my supporters, I urge you remain calm, be confident and do not cry for me – you all know that I am resilient. We shall overcome. I have faced many challenges in my life’s journey. What I have never failed in, is to try.

I have courage, determination and faith, knowing that it will be bumpy and challenging. I shall remain as I have always been: independent, principled and firm as I have been throughout my political career.

I shall remain faithful and live to the covenant.

With my experience spanning over 25 years I have a lot to offer – I will continue to serve this country faithfully in other capacities. Make no mistake, I am not going anywhere.

I believe that in life, good health, happiness and freedom are most important. I thank God I have held firm and I am in good health.

To my brother Hon Munya, I wish you the very best. As you heard from the President’s message this morning, and I have myself said this often, agriculture is the surest path towards the economic wellbeing of our people. I am glad that the strategies that were announced this morning were on the table and we worked on them together. I support them.

God Bless You, God Bless Kenya.”

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