Amina Mude Reveals Rare Condition That Caused 26 Kgs Weight Gain, Depression

January 24, 2020

Popular Instagram personality Amina Mude has gone public about a rare condition she was diagnosed with after giving birth in 2015.

Taking to Instagram, Ms Mude said that for the last four years, she has been battling hypothyroidism -a condition in which the thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormone.

The mother of two said she experienced most symptoms of the condition including severe weight gain and depression.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism back in 2015 immediately after I had my daughter. I was experiencing almost all symptoms of hypothyroidism. Depression and severe weight gain were my biggest concern. I was 95kgs from 69kgs. This was followed by episodes of depression. Thank God I discovered that I was hypothyroid. 4 years down the line, I have been able to control my thyroid levels. Am happier and healthier,” she posted.

The wife of KTN news anchor Ben Kitili said she was able to control her thyroid levels through a total lifestyle change and proper medication. As a result, she lost a whopping 30 kgs.

Being thyroid awareness month, Mude said she has a support group for anyone living with hypothyroidism.

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