Nairobbery: Kenyans on Twitter Share their ‘Mchele’ Stories and It’s Harrowing

September 5, 2019

Like a wise man once said, ‘if you can survive in Nairobi, you can survive anywhere in the world’.

Further evidence that Nairobi city dwellers survive only by the grace of God has been provided by Kenyans on Twitter who came out in numbers to share their experiences of being drugged, otherwise known locally as Mchele.

Popular Twitter user, @droid254, started the engaging conversation that had hundreds of Kenyans sharing their harrowing experiences with being drugged.

“Who’s ever been drugged in a club, matatu etc.. What’s your story?” posed Droid.

While cases of spiked drinks are not new across the country, most of the stories shared and sampled by this writer happened in Nairobi and its environs, hence the dramatic headline.

Most of the victims were also drugged through the administration of a stupefying drug in their drinks at a club and in some cases, house parties.

There were quite a number of guys who the last thing they remembered before blacking out was ‘motorboating’ a lady they had met at a club. Other victims who shared their stories said they thought they had met a wife material after the girl they took home asked to cook.

This indicates that the stupefying drugs used by these women can be administered in a number of ways.

It also emerged that women are not spared either. Worse still, there are incidents where people have lost their lives.

According to reports, these women usually don’t work alone and have masters who pull the strings of the whole operation that sees them wipe out people’s houses and bribe security guards.

As always, it’s important to remain vigilant at all times and one way to do that is by learning from other people’s strories and mistakes.

Read their stories below.


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