I Rebuke My Flock to Bring Them Back to God – Pastor James Ng’ang’a

September 2, 2019

Pastor James Ng’ang’a has been grabbing headlines and social media chatter for one reason or another following an influx of clips of his unorthodox ways of spreading the gospel.

Shortly after the release of a video of the clergyman insulting his male congregants, another emerged of the preacher performing an ‘exorcism’ and ordering the woman to expose her breast.

The Neno Evangelism founder insists that he acts on behalf of God when he does the things he does.

“I am acting on behalf of God. I rebuke members of my church to bring them back to God. I am a father, and a father knows what his children need. My children can do with a little rebuking,” he said.

“Sometimes I look at things that I did and I get surprised. It is the spirit in me. God working in me through His spirit,” he added as quoted by SDE.

This comes as some of his followers express concern over their pastor. “Every day, it is like he is changing and becoming a new person. He used to be very gentle,” said Florence Ngaita, adding that when she lost her son, it is pastor Ng’ang’a’s preaching that helped her overcome grief.

But Ng’ang’a said he owes no one an explanation.

The controversial televangelist also recalled the mistakes he did in the past, blaming them on women.

In 1968 when he was a shopkeeper in Kinangop, he claims a woman showed him body parts that he was not supposed to see at a young age. It became his weakness. Always seeking the forbidden from women, and it is that longing that he believes sent him to prison, reports the publication.

Ng’ang’a reportedly served time at Shimo la Tewa prison for crimes ranging from sexual assault, burglary, being a gang leader in possession of a gun, among other things.

“I did things that are hard to talk about. But I found God and I am a better person,” he said.

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