Zari Explains Why Hubby King Bae Wears Two Wedding Rings

August 7, 2019

Zari Hassan’s Instagram-in-laws have noticed something peculiar about her husband King Bae; the mysterious and wealthy tycoon has been wearing two wedding rings.

A hawk-eyed fan who noticed the rings in most of the photos Zari posts on IG sought answers from the mother of five.

According to the Ugandan socialite based in South Africa, King Bae is a bit extra hence the need for two rings for different occasions.

Apparently, he wears one ring for formal wear and the other for casual wear.

“Tell them not to worry KingBae doesn’t exit, why make stress now? Anyways like we always going to be a lil extra extra. He has2 bands one for formal wear and other for casual. Since its there businessto know in order to reduce the Zari given headaches…embwa ezo. Enaku eziliko eyokya lumode,” Zari responded.

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