Woman Tells Court She Stole Lover’s Electronics After ‘Serving Him Without Pay’

August 16, 2019

A woman accused of theft on Wednesday told a court that she stole her lover’s goods as compensation for her services.

Joyce Okoth told the Kibera Court she ‘took’ Myron Odhiambo’s electronics after spending four days at his house “serving him without pay”.

The woman is accused of stealing items worth more than Sh300,000; a HP laptop worth Sh135,000, three tablets worth Sh160,000 and hard disc worth Sh16,000.

Okoth said she had visited Odhiambo on January 2 and left after spending three nights at his place in Nairobi West.

On his part, Odhiambo said he invited Okoth to his house and after having a good time for four days, she left early on January 5.

“I went to bed leaving Joyce watching movies in the living room. A few minutes later, she came into the bedroom to borrow my phone which she wanted to use for internet,” he narrated.

After some hours, he grew suspicious when he woke up to a loud silence.

“It is very unusual for her to be quiet since she loves listening to music,” Odhiambo told senior resident magistrate Boaz Ombewa, adding, “I found her missing, together with some of my belongings.”

The Court also heard that security guards manning the house said they were asleep and did not see the woman leave.

“I called her and asked why she had stolen from me. She bluntly responded that she was paying herself for the services she had rendered.”

The claimant noted he had no business agreement with the accused and neither had he picked her from the streets.

“It was the first time she was visiting me at my house. I didn’t like her because she regularly asks me for petty cash,” he said.

The court also heard that the accused had sent her sister to return the hard disc but she refused to give him anything else.

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