“The One Thing I Admire About Raila Odinga,” Waiguru Reveals

August 16, 2019

Kirinyaga County Governor Anne Mumbi Minji Minji has spoken out about her relationship with former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

Speaking on Wednesday at KTN TV, Waiguru revealed the one thing she especially admires about the ODM leader.

“Raila Odinga is my friend, he is my political ally. We discuss serious talks. We had a history but we settled that,” she said.

“One thing I have admired about Raila Odinga is his understanding and support for gender equality. He is one leader who is willing to stand with women.”

“Raila during my wedding was very clear about promoting gender equality. During the late Laboso’s memorial he went further to outline the plight of women leadership,” Waiguru said.

The former Devolution CS  lauded the Building Bridges Initiative for uniting the nation. “We were at a very bad state as a country in 2017. Thanks to the handshake, cohesion and unity have been embraced by Kenyans. I needed to let Raila know that I support his handshake with Uhuru,” she said.

The county boss also criticised any moves by politicians to divide Kenyans citing Ruto’s assassination plot was a wake-up call to the Mount Kenya region.

“You cannot wake up and only choose to claim that leaders in the Mount Kenya region wanted to assassinate you. How do 40 people meet in a room to plan a murder? This was a strategy to divide us and we cannot accept that,” Waiguru stated.

Asked if she has ambitions to run for a higher political seat in 2022 Waiguru said she is qualified. “Masinde Muliro said that if you have no ambitions then you have no business in politics,” she said.

Waiguru, however, noted that the top seat she runs for in 2022 will be solely determined by the Jubilee Party.

“Jubilee party makes decisions of its flag bearers. The party exists, Uhuru is the party leader while Ruto is the deputy party leader. I too belong to the party. If a decision is made then I will make a decision. I operate within the party’s decision,” she said.

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