Revealed: How Much Fena Gitu Charges Per Show

August 8, 2019

Fena Gitu is without a doubt one of the current highflyers in the local music scene, with 2018 proving to be her breakout year.

The ‘Sema Ngwe’ hitmaker is also one of the most-sought-after female acts in the region, and rightly so, she commands big bucks whenever her services are required.

In a recent interview with Betty Kyalo on her show “Upclose with Betty”, Fena disclosed how much she charges per show after being in the industry for about a decade.

When she started out, Fena said she was paid Sh 5,000 after her first gig. “It depends on the artiste. As an upcoming artiste, you can’t expect to be paid 100Gs per show. I was paid Sh 5,000 after my first paying gig. It took a while (to earn a lot from music).” 

Fena now charges a cool Sh500,000 per show.

“I try and quote about as much as it would cost me to shoot a video. About half a million) depending, but it doesn’t happen every time,” she said.

Fena also opened up about her difficult journey, saying the years 2016 and 2017 were rough as she was broke and lived on a friend’s floor.

“There was a time I couldn’t breath and now I am coming up for air, levitating. I have gone through ups and downs. 2017 and 2016 were probably my worst years. I was flat broke, living on my best friend’s floor and just trying to make ends meet. Ni venye tu you don’t go announcing (your problems). I took that time to strategize and focus on me and just grow,” she told Betty.

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