Meru Senator Mithika Linturi and his estranged wife Maryanne Kitany will continue to air their dirty linen in public, a magistrate has ruled.

This follows an application by the former bedfellows who raised concerns with the manner of reporting by the media about their bitter, and quite frankly, nasty divorce case.

Both parties complained of distorted reports by journalists and sought to have them restrained from making conclusions.

In his ruling allowing the case to continue being heard in public, Magistrate Peter Gesora cautioned journalists against misreporting.

The Milimani Commercial Court Chief Magistrate also directed that journalists comply with media guidelines in their reporting.

The Court also noted that Linturi and Kitany decided to have the matter heard in public and it will remain as such.

On Wednesday, August 28, Marianne Kitany dished out more tea claiming that Linturi received nudes from other women when they were together.

Kitany, on her third day of testimony, said she decided to file a divorce after coming across pornographic materials in the Meru Senator’s phone. She said she peeped at her husband’s phone one day and “found a woman had sent him a pornographic video”.

That discovery, coupled with being denied conjugal rights, drove Ms Kitany to seek a divorce after realising that he had cheated on her.

“I filed for divorce because Linturi was cheating on me,” Ms Kitany told the court, adding: “He slept with other women in town.”

“Linturi would come home late, and did not want to give me my conjugal rights,” said Ms Kitany.

She also disclosed that one of the maids in their Meru home told her that Linturi used to bring other women to the house. She promised to go and talk to her but unfortunately, the maid died before Kitany saw her.

The hearing continues.

The deceased househelp allegedly died under mysterious circumstances in the senator’s house on October 5, 2018. It later emerged that attempts to perform an autopsy were blocked by her parents.

Last November, Mr Wilson Mwiti, the husband of the deceased Edith Kinanu, told a local daily that his in-laws opposed calls for a post-mortem that could have cleared “disturbing questions” about the sudden death.

The family said Ms Kinanu fell sick while at Mr Linturi’s home before being rushed to Maua Methodist Hospital where she died.

Speculation surrounding Ms Kinanu’s death was rife, especially after Kitany filed a report with the DCI alleging domestic abuse and that the senator had threatened her with a gun during an argument.

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