“How Interview With Larry Madowo Changed My Life,” Churchill Show Artiste

August 1, 2019

Larry Madowo has proven to be the ultimate “assist king” of opening doors for young professionals to build their careers.

The former Nation Media Group crown jewel on Monday announced that he was taking a break at BBC Africa as he prepares to join Columbia University’s Journalism School.

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Larry also shared his remarkable accomplishment during his stint as BBC Africa Business Editor where he hired 30 people.

As a result, Larry has been earning plaudits on Twitter, and he even joked about it, posting: “I was just living my best life and bringing my crew along then the internet started being super nice to me. Thanks but what have I done?”

During that Twitter chatter, spoken word artiste Poet Tear Drops shared his intriguing story of how Larry Madowo’s benevolence changed his life.

According to the Churchill Show comedian, he had given up on art when he received a call for an interview on NTV’s ‘The Trend’. The show was then hosted by Larry Madowo.

Poet Tear Drops said he was weaving baskets in Huruma to make ends meet back then. He was so broke that he hired a suit for the interview with Larry and he only had Sh70 fare to the city centre.

Yoh @LarryMadowo, I know I’ve never told you this, I had given up on Art, when I got a call from NTV, I was weaving basket with my friend in Huruma, I had a Kabambe & that night I came to the trend na Suti ya kitenge nimeHire, I only had 2 poems & 70bob fare, I only had 754followers on Twitter,” the poet recalled.

After the show, Tear Drops could not go back home because there was a curfew in Huruma following the murder of a cop in the area.

“After the show that night I spent my night kwa Lorry na watchman, mtaa kulikuwa na curfew cuz kulikuwa na polisi ameuwawa & mtaa mzima ilikuwa inanuka teargas, I remember you calling me that night, you said, ‘Bro you are now trending more than the show itself’,” narrated Tear drops.

It was not until the next day that the spoken word artiste found out that his life was beginning to change for the better.

“The next day I went to a cybercafe I had gained over 5kfollowers & thousands of tweets, replies & mentions, That’s how my career picked up and I’ve never looked back.

“That interview made me who I am right now, That interview ilinitoa kwa nyumba ya mabati nikilalia pillow cases zimeshikanishwa, that interview made lots of upcoming poets.

“Shukran Larry Madowo for believing in us and providing us with chances and opportunities.”

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