Alex Mwakideu Blasts Governor Joho For Exposing Hairy Thighs in Tiny Shorts

August 7, 2019

While the ladies appear to be swooning over Governor Joho’s sense of fashion, radio guru Alex Mwakideu has been greatly disappointed.

This was in response to a more recent photo of Joho that has set tongues wagging on social media. In the snap taken in L.A, Joho was captured dressed in short shorts, exposing his hairy thighs.

It is the thighs that Mwakideu took issue with during a discussion on his breakfast show on Milele FM.

Mwakideu reckons that someone of Joho’s standing should not be exposing his thighs to the public. He adds that Joho is not only a politician but somebody’s husband and a father.

“Ni governor mmoja stylish but akivaa mashorti sipendi. Ana style na anavutia lakini akishaingia kwa vile vijishorti vidogo vidogo ndio nasema aah! Governor nawe unaniangusha. Sitaki Governor wangu avae hivo. Mapaja ya Governor haifai (kuonekana) yule ni baba, ni bwana ya mtu na pia ni kiongozi wa County, Kiongozi na deputy leader wa ODM. Shorti inayoonyehsa mapaja ya Governor haipendiezi. Sipendelei na najua watu wengi hawapendelei,” Mwakideu said.

His cohost Jalang’o countered his argument saying that a Governor of Mombasa cannot wear like Ojamong from Busia County or Lonyangapuo from West Pokot. He also noted that Mombasa is the ‘raha’ capital of Kenya and the county is also hot and humid and therefore some outfits are impractical.

But Mwakideu was having none of that and argued that Governor Joho can wear linen pants since they are light.

“Lazima ujistiri, vaa linen hutaskia joto…avae shorti ya kufika magotini vizuri, asivae shorti ya kumshika sana,” Mwakideu said.

Meanwhile, Joho had tongues wagging again when he shared photos and videos of his hang out with American socialite Paris Hilton.

Joho travelled to Washington DC last month to attend to a number of official meetings.

“The Governor travelled to Washington DC to attend business meetings with different investors that would see partnerships being formed. He is set to be back anytime this week. The pictures seen are just him having a few days off from work. He is entitled to 30 off days which he has never utilised since coming into office,” said Mombasa County Director of Communication and Public Relations Richard Chacha.

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