”You Can Call Me Minji Minji,” Governor Waiguru

August 7, 2019

Following her highly-publicized traditional wedding last month, Kirinyaga Governor Anne Mumbi has dropped the name Waiguru.

The former Devolution CS recently married city lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo, with journalists on Tuesday seeking clarification on how they should address her.

Waiguru, or rather Minji Minji, was in an upbeat mood after the Supreme Court dismissed Martha Karua’s petition challenging her election as Kirinyaga Governor. She jokingly told the journalists that they can as well call her Minji Minji.

“On my name. we will communicate officially on the branding. For now, you can call me Anne Mumbi or Anne Mumbi Minji Minji or Anne Mumbi Kamotho, Minji minji is also fine…whichever. It’s just a name,” said Minji Minji.

While celebrating her big win over ‘Iron Lady’ Martha Karua, Minji Minji thanked the people of Kirinyaga for the support.

She said, “Today’s ruling was not merely a personal win but a victory that was upheld for the people of Kirinyaga who expressed their will at the ballot. Mine is to thank them for their support and do everything possible to ensure Kirinyaga Rises and Shines!”

She also urged the Narc-Kenya party leader to accept the results and wait for 2022 to face her again in the ballot.

On her part, Martha Karua faulted the Kenyan judicial system. “I did not get justice at the court but Aluta continua. The journey to success is long and winding. Many thanks to those who stood with me in my judicial marathon. All is not lost there is much more to do!

“Many thanks to my lawyers, Gitobu Imanyara who remained steadfast all through and CN Kihara who stepped in to conduct most of the hearing and second appeal at the court of Appeal. Their zeal and professionalism remain unmatched!”


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