Why Moji Shortbabaa Won’t Post Girlfriend’s Pictures on Social Media

July 2, 2019

Moji ShortBabaa finally has a girlfriend but won’t be showing her off to the public on social media.

His new catch comes a year after the gospel musician announced that he was looking for a wife; “I am single and any single girl out there who loves Jesus has a chance. I mean you have to love Jesus kabisa. I mean my ideal woman has to be focused and she has to be fun, meeeeeen, I love fun meeeeeen. I also need her brain to be up there.”

In a recent radio interview, the one-half of defunct gospel group Kelele Takatifu said, “I will be marrying soon and I don’t want people to know her for now.”

According to Moji, he has learnt from his friends that social media relationships don’t work out. He told Radio Jambo’s Massawe Japanni that the wives and girlfriends of some of his friends in the industry have been affected by fame.

“I don’t want my lover to be trolled online because of my fame,” said Moji, adding that this is the longest relationship he has been in.

“I have been in two relationships but the first one lasted three months and we split.”

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