Mama Ngina Kenyatta Calls on Kenyan Youth to Be Patriotic and Love Their Country

July 11, 2019

Former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta has urged Kenyan youth to prioritise the interests of the country.

Speaking at the All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi after the memorial service of the late Jeremiah Kiereini, Mama Ngina challenged the youth to emulate past leaders like the deceased former Head of Civil Service.

She said she remembers Kiereini as a selfless role model who laid a good foundation for the country.

Mama Ngina said the youth and current crop of leaders have much to learn from Kiereini and other past leaders like Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.

“Jeremiah Kiereini and the leaders who were there before led by Mzee Jomo Kenyatta laid a good foundation for this country. If only the leaders we have today could be trustworthy like those who there before, this country would have made great progress, ” she said.

“I ask the current generation to put the interests of the country first so that you can steer this country in the right direction and inculcate good morals and patriotism to your children.”

According to Mama Ngina, Kenya will realise much more growth and development if Kenya’s youthful leaders emulate the country’s past leaders.

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