Full Price List as EABL Hikes Alcohol Prices

July 9, 2019

Beer-drinkers in Kenya have been dealt a blow after East African Breweries Limited (EABL) announced increased prices of several of their alcohol brands.

The brewer on Monday announced on local dailies the new prices in line with the additional tax introduced by Treasury CS Henry Rotich during the budget reading last month.

All local beers have seen an increase of Sh10, with Guinness Stout, otherwise known as Guinness Kubwa, now retailing at Sh180. A 500ml bottle of the company’s flagship beer brand Tusker Lager is now Sh160 up from Sh150.

Also affected is EABL’s lowest priced beer, Balozi, which will now cost Sh150.

Spirits, whiskeys, and gin have not been spared either; a 250ml bottle of Gilbey’s Gin will retail at Sh410, up from Sh390 while a 250ml bottle of Smirnoff Vodka now goes for Sh420, up from Sh400.

The only brands unaffected by the hike are three brands of spirits – Chrome, Kenya Cane and Kane Extra.

Here’s the full list

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