Why Nyanza Clergy Want Thorough Probe on DP Ruto Assassination Plot

June 28, 2019

Church leaders in Nyanza region have added their voice to the alleged plot to assassinate DP Ruto saying the matter should be taken seriously.

Led by Prof John Kodia, the Bishop of Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) in Bondo, the clergymen called on the relevant investigative authorities to thoroughly probe the alleged plot against Ruto’s life by senior government officials.

“If the DP is saying his life is in danger, what about other Kenyans like us?” posed the clergyman in a presser this week.

“This matter should be investigated thoroughly so that we know who wants to kill him. We must also know whether it is just politics. But if it is true that someone wants to kill him, proper investigations must be carried out.”

Professor Kodia said the State owes its citizens a comprehensive statement over the alleged assassination plot.

“We urge the government security organ to come out with a statement either to dispel or confirm the rumor. All we want to see is that action will be taken,” he told the press after a consultative forum in Kisumu.

The Bishop noted that similar death threats reported by prominent Kenyans in the past resulted in mysterious deaths.

According to Kodia, a timely intervention by the government over the matter will settle the nerves of Kenyans.

“This incident leaves Kenyans more perplexed; they are wondering that with the kind of security detail attached to the DP he can still go ahead of express fear over his life, what will happen to them.”

“We have cases where alarm has been raised, a case in point is the late businessman Jacob Juma, who came out publicly to state that his life was in danger, eventually he was killed,” he said.

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