Man Strangles Wife to Death Using ‘Leso’ After “Finding No Food in the House”

June 3, 2019

Another shocking incident of domestic violence turned tragic has been reported in Rukanga village, Mwea-West Sub-County, Kirinyaga County.

Reports indicate that 47-year-old Kagai Wanjohi beat up his wife Virginia Wambui Kagai before strangling her to death using a leso.

One of the suspect’s neighbours, Mr Nicholas Ngari, said the suspect approached him seeking to hire his vehicle to take his wife’s body to the mortuary. Mr Wajohi claimed that she had died in the house.

But Mr Ngari insisted they first report the matter to the police station and it is then that the suspect confessed to beating his wife after he finding there was no food in the house.

“He told me they had an argument with the wife after he arrived home and found there was no food,” said Ngari.

Police arrested the suspect on Sunday morning after his daughter and a village elder reported to the police that he had killed his wife at around 1 am then covered her body with a blanket.

The daughter also told police that her father had recently threatened to kill her mother, adding that he turns hostile after getting drunk, Citizen Digital reports.

Mwea-West OCPD Stephen Wenda said investigations are ongoing.

”The deceased also had injuries on her right leg and hand. The suspect is being held at Sagana Police Station and we are still carrying out more investigations,” said the OCPD.

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