KTN’s Linda Ogutu Asked for ‘Kuni Imekauka’ and KOT ‘Duly Delivered’ – HILARIOUS

June 27, 2019

Well, as we head further into the cold season in the coming month of July, June has proved to be quite unbearably cold, especially in Nairobi and environs.

At the same time, we’ve already established that the cold season, otherwise known as cuffing season, makes most of us want to engage in ‘horizontal refreshments’ in a bid to generate warmth.

This explains why a number of Kenyans on Twitter, especially male, let their imaginations run wild after KTN news anchor Linda Ogutu complained about the cold weather on the social platform.

And she didn’t make it easier for KOT either as she used an interesting choice of words while innocently begging for firewood. Even in English, it sounds dirty.

Linda tweeted, “Mtu anisaidie na kuni imekauka kapsaaaa… Hi baridi makaa na heater haziwezi…..”

We’re not sure if Linda knew what she was getting herself into. What we know is that Kenyans on Twitter know of only one type of ‘Kuni’; fire wood, not firewood.

Here are some hilarious reactions from KOT:

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