Kamene Goro Intends to Change Andrew Kibe’s Way of Thinking at Kiss FM

June 28, 2019

New Kiss FM breakfast show presenter Kamene Goro is ready to take on the new challenge.

The former NRG radio host was poached alongside her ‘radio husband’ Andrew Kibe to replace Adelle and Shaffie Weru as Kiss FM officially rebrands from July 1.

“I have been listening to Kiss FM since the time I was in school, and now that I will be hosting a show that has been my favourite, it is just amazing. It is a huge challenge, but we are ready to take it on,” Kamene said.

According to the former Ebru TV news anchor, fans should expect something bigger. “Our fans should definitely expect an amplification of everything they have known us for,” she said.

“It is a bigger stage for us and there is more liberty coming along with so much technical support. The show will be bigger and much better and it is going to spur people’s mind.

“It is dope to see that someone had strong belief in us because many people have been afraid of our brand, especially because of the immense topics we have been discussing.”

Speaking about her intentions for her controversial co-host Andrew Kibe, Ms Goro says she wants to keep changing his beliefs on women.

“Kibe is very founded in his beliefs, although he has changed a lot on how he thinks about women, and we can just wait and see how he is going to be in this new show,” she said.

“He is who he is and my intentions for him is to probably change his thinking, although my opinion about him is very different from everyone else.”

She urged fans to tune in from Monday 6am-10am and have a listen.

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