Woman Bites Off Co-Wife’s Cheek During Bizarre Attack in Budalangi

May 10, 2019

A middle-aged woman is nursing injuries after her cheek was allegedly bitten off by her co-wife in Busia County.

Melvina Akinyi, 26, claims her co-wife, 29-year-old Brenda Sanya, attacked her in her house on Thursday noon.

According to Akinyi, the Ugandan-born Sanya has often expressed jealousy toward her. She notes that she is a mother of three children (2 sons and 1 daughter) while Sanya is yet to conceive for their husband.

The mother of three alleges that Sanya confronted her when she was breastfeeding her last born daughter before biting off her left cheek.

Akinyi, who was bleeding profusely from the bite, was taken to Budalangi Dispensary by neighbors.

Their husband, a 36-year-old a sand harvester, was at work when the incident happened.

Ms Akinyi further claims that Sanya, who is the second wife in their polygamous union, has attempted to attack her severally in the past, but her efforts were always thwarted.

Leonard Barasa, Budalangi Dispensary medical officer, said the patient was treated and stabilised.

Police launched a manhunt for Sanya who fled after the bizarre attack and remains at large.

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