Why Chuka University Student Killed KEMU Girl, Close Friend Speaks

May 8, 2019

A friend of the Kenya Methodist University (KEMU) student who was allegedly murdered by her boyfriend has revealed the possible reason behind the suspected murder-suicide.

21-year-old Ann Kanario was on Monday found dead inside her rented house located a few meters from KEMU main campus in Meru County. Her decomposing body was found alongside that of her supposed boyfriend, Chuka University student Obed Nyaga Njagi.

According to Ms Kanario’s close friend, unrequited love could be one of the possible reasons why Nyaga killed Ann before hanging himself in the bathroom.

The informer who spoke to a local tabloid on condition of anonymity said Ann ended her relationship with Obed Nyaga a few months ago.

“Ann dated Njagi, a resident of Runyenjes, for quite some time in the past. However, things did not work out between them, prompting their break up a few months ago,” the friend was quoted by eDaily.

“When they were dating, Ann introduced the man to me. He would often visit us at KEMU. They had stopped communicating, and when news broke that Ann’s body was found alongside his in her rented house, I was shocked. I couldn’t imagine he would kill her, then take his own life.

“When they were dating, he portrayed elements of jealousy, and most likely he couldn’t stomach the fact that Ann had moved on from him,” added the friend.

It is suspected that Nyaga visited Ann as she prepared to relocate to Nairobi, and attempted to convince her to get back together.

The last time Ann Kanario was spotted by neighbors was on Thursday as she went to buy vegetables at a nearby grocery. It is on the same day that she had returned to her rented hostel from her parents’ home in Kangeta.

Ann’s naked body was found lying in a pool of blood, with a stab wound on her thigh. Her neck had scratches indicating she was strangled.

Njagi’s body also had a deep stab wound on the left thigh.

Kanario had just completed her undergraduate studies in Business Administration and was on her last semester. While Njagi was a Third Year Bachelor of Arts (Criminology and Security Studies).

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