This Kenyan Guy is Getting Married on a Sh24K Wedding Budget

May 17, 2019

Are you looking to get married on a budget that won’t require you to annoy people with wedding committees? You might be in luck.

It’s no secret that weddings are a big deal to many a young couple in Kenya, or rather, young women in Kenya. The cost of weddings, in particular, is a popular topic in social media discussion forums.

With controversial personalities like Jared Otieno splashing millions of “dirty golden” money on choppers and high-end cars on their weddings, the bar has been set quite high in the country. Even the common mwananchi now wants a wedding that can be aired on one of those popular wedding shows.

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At the same time, there is a section of sober-minded Kenyans who are slowly embracing the cheaper alternative; a visit to the Attorney General’s office.

One Kenyan bloke on Twitter has broken down a detailed wedding budget for his own nuptials slated for next week Tuesday. The tweep, @RitchieOdak, was responding to another KOT who had enquired about the cost of an average wedding in Kenya.

According to RitchieOdak, by next week Tuesday, he will be a married man for just under Sh25,000. The amount includes fees for a special marriage licence (because his wife-to-be is Ugandan), transport, cake, and rings.

Here’s the breakdown:

“Marriage license: Ksh 9,700, Uber to AG’s & back: Ksh 800, Cake: Ksh 3,000 (for me & the Mrs. Coz we love cake), Rings: Ksh 10,000. This is my current budget: Ksh 23,500. Subject to change (we may also want ice-cream) Happening next Tuesday. We’ve 2 witnesses to sign the cert.”

Legendary stuff!

Another Kenyan on Twitter broke down the cost of her supposed wedding in June 2016. The tweep, Cheptum Rono, spent an astonishing Sh6,900.

A third Kenyan is planning to marry next month for just Sh60,000. This includes money for a photoshoot at Windsor, dinner at Ole Sereni, and a flight to Diani.

We’ve sampled some comments below.

For more info on marriage costs, follow the link Getting Married In Kenya.

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