The Top Stories on the Internet Today (Monday May 27)

May 27, 2019

Here are today’s top headlines.

Trump dances with danger in Middle East by deploying aircraft carrier and a peace plan

In the Persian Gulf, a US aircraft carrier, the USS Abraham Lincoln, lurks off the Iranian coast, sending out a message of aggression. Meanwhile, in the Levant, the administration of US President Donald Trump starts to roll out his version of a widely anticipated peace plan for the Israelis and the Palestinians.

Trump and Abe’s friendship day: golf, sumo and barbecue

Hours before President Donald Trump was set to begin a day of male bonding with his Japanese counterpart, he issued a tweet underscoring his lingering divides with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe over security matters.

Inside oil-rich Venezuela’s gas shortages

For the last two weeks, people from several states in Venezuela have described severe gas shortages, a once unthinkable problem. It’s not the first time that the country has suffered gas shortages, but those were blamed on bad distribution and logistical inefficiency.

Pope likens abortion to ‘hiring a hitman’ at anti-abortion conference

Pope Francis likened having an abortion to hiring a “hitman” while speaking at the “Yes to Life” anti-abortion conference in Rome Saturday.

Everest mountaineer warned of overcrowding before dying on climb


World’s biggest cave is even bigger than we thought

Thanks to discoveries made during a recent expedition in (CNN) – Vietnam, it appears the world’s largest cave, Son Doong, is even bigger than previously thought. Last month, a trio of British divers — the same divers who aided in the rescue of the trapped soccer team in Thailand in 2018 — ventured to Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, in the jungle-filled Quang Binh Province of central Vietnam, to explore the cave’s waterways.

Peru earthquake leaves one dead and several injured

One person was killed and at least 11 people have been injured in Peru, with a further seven injuries in neighboring Ecuador, after an 8.0 magnitude earthquake struck northern Peru on Sunday morning.

How Disney’s new Star Wars lands will help keep the magic (and profits) flowing

With Galaxy’s Edge – Disneyland’s new Star Wars land opening in Anaheim, California next week – Disney shows off one of its core corporate strengths. Here’s how its theme park unit could keep the Star Wars magic alive long after the Skywalker saga ends.

Ex-head of notorious Ethiopia jail arrested

The former head of a notorious Ethiopian prison has been arrested and is expected to face trial. Hassan Ismail Ibrahim, also known as Hassan Dhere, was arrested in neighbouring Somalia in a town where he had been hiding, following a tip-off. Campaigners say inmates were routinely tortured at “Jail Ogaden”, which he ran in Ethiopia’s Somali region.

Everest queues not sole cause of deaths, says Nepal

Nepal’s tourism authority has denied accusations that the rise in Mount Everest deaths is solely due to overcrowding. The department’s director general Dandu Raj Ghimire said other factors including adverse weather conditions had also contributed. Ten climbers have been reported dead or missing this season.

Monaco GP: Lewis Hamilton beats Max Verstappen

Lewis Hamilton held off Max Verstappen, and survived a late collision with the Red Bull driver, to win a nail-biting Monaco Grand Prix. The world champion was left struggling with the tyres on his Mercedes after fitting softer rubber than the Dutchman at pit stops during an early safety-car period.

How these cities became rat-free zones

“If it weren’t for rats, I wouldn’t have had a job,” says Phil Merrill, head of the rat control programme in the Canadian province of Alberta. “I don’t like them, but I don’t hate them. I respect them. They’re adaptable little critters. And they’re challenging.”

10 dream homes from the past century

Home should be a sacred space: the place where you feel secure, and can unwind at the end of a long day – it’s also where we entertain friends, and increasingly, a place to work or study.

Google adds food delivery to Maps and search results

Google just added yet another reason to never have to leave its services. The company is now adding food delivery to the lineup of things you can do directly in Maps and Search without switching to a separate app. Now, when you search for restaurants in either Maps or Search, you can place an order with a new “Order Online” button.

SpaceX’s 60 orbiting Starlink satellites lined up for an out of this world photo opp

It’s been a couple days since SpaceX sent its first 60 Starlink satellites into orbit and the skywatching has begun. A video captured by Dr. Marco Langbroek, who runs the StatTrack Cam Leiden Blog, shows the satellites all lined up as they sail through the sky.

Here’s what happened to everyone after the ‘Game of Thrones’ finale

The end Game of Thrones left fans with so many open ended questions. Namely: What happens to all their favorite characters after the show? We looked into where everyone went and what happened to them after the cameras stopped rolling and put together these post- Thrones biographies. Some of them had happy endings.

Facebook has already removed more than 2 billion fake accounts this year

Facebook’s fake account problem keeps getting bigger. The company is removing more fake accounts than ever, taking down more than 2 billion accounts so far in 2019 alone, Facebook disclosed in a new transparency report. Company executives said there’s been a sharp uptick in the number of fake accounts created this year.

NASA captures an incredible photo of a creeper galaxy

Most galaxies are traveling away from our galaxy, not closer to it. Still, there are exceptions. Take Messier 90, one of the few galaxies that appears to be traveling towards our own Milky Way galaxy. Recently, NASA’s Hubble telescope caught an awe-inspiring photo of the galaxy. Here it is in full.

Trump administration bans CDC from saying ‘diversity,’ transgender,’ ‘fetus,’ and more

The Trump administration has banned seven words from the Centers for Disease Control’s upcoming budget documents, the Washington Post reports. The words are “vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “transgender,” “fetus,” “evidence-based” and “science-based.” CDC analysts were not given a reason for the banned words, they were simply informed of the new policy.

9 ways ‘Game of Thrones’ changed the way we talk

Back in 2011, no one could have predicted that would become Game of Thrones. Fans of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series were probably hype about getting an HBO adaptation of a book series they knew and loved, but a fantasy TV show where heroes die and villains (sometimes) win was considered a gamble for a network better known for The Wire and Sex and the City.

Internet uproar causes ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ movie delay into 2020

The internet has won. The release date of the live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movie has been pushed back to February 2020. While normally the public doesn’t really know what causes these kinds of delays, this time the public caused this delay thanks to the barrage of complaints levied against the design of the titular hedgehog after the first trailer dropped in April.

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