Tanasha Donna Speaks on Rumored Fling with Ali Kiba

May 13, 2019

Kenyan radio presenter and singer Tanasha Donna has spoken about her supposed fling with Bongo star Ali Kiba.

Tanasha was said to have a thing with Kiba following her appearance on his music video for Nagharamia, released in Dec 2015. In one of the scenes, the two kissed in a car leading to speculation that their relationship was more than just professional.

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However, Tanasha has come out four years later to clarify that, “When we did that video we never had a thing. We never even exchanged numbers it was very professional. We never had a thing, matter of fact back then I was in a relationship and my ex was at the video shoot the entire time tulikuwa tunashoot hio video.”

This was when the model was dating Kenyan actor Nick Mutuma following his bitter break up with fashion & lifestyle vlogger Bridget Shighadi. Mutuma and Shighadi have since settled their differences and have a daughter together while Tanasha has found love in Tanzania.

On how she met Diamond Platnumz, Tanasha Donna said bumped into each other in Kenya.

“Long story short we started talking, we exchanged numbers. We had nothing to lose. He was single and I was also single.”

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