Nairobi Bar Owner Jailed for Life

May 21, 2019

A Nairobi based bar owner has been sentenced to life imprisonment for raping two minors.

Samson Mburia Gakono defiled two 7-year old girls in September 2013, after leading them to his house. It is said that the children were playing in a field at Maili Saba in Kibera when Samson approached them and lured them to his house by promising them gifts.

The girls followed him and it is reported that the accused made them drink alcohol, before defiling them and telling them not to tell their parents.

The prosecution presented 9 witnesses, including the girls and their parents.

One of the mothers said that her daughter failed to show up at 6pm and that’s when they started looking for her. She returned the next day looking sickly, and on being questioned, revealed where she had spent the night.

She took her to a hospital and reported the incident at Kilimani Police Station.

The children were examined and it was determined that they had been defiled, and even infected with an STI.

In his defense, Samson denied defiling the girls, saying that he was not tested. He argued that the two girls were his neighbors and frequently visited his house.

Kibera principal magistrate Derrick Kuto stated that the prosecution had proved its case, and gave Samson 14 days to appeal.

“The court has found that you have a case to answer and therefore I sentence you to life imprisonment, I have examined the evidence by the prosecution and found that you are guilty in all the counts against you,” he ruled.

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