Kenyan Man Gifts Mother Sh5 Million Brand New Car on Mother’s Day

May 13, 2019

What did get your mother on Sunday? Unless you went on an internet or social media black out, you most likely knew that it was Mother’s day. The day set aside to honor and celebrate our mothers.

It is not a very African holiday, but with social media, we’re slowly catching on.

Most of us simply post beautiful messages on social media that our mothers will never actually see. A few of us take the initiative to actually send them a direct message, instead of posting to strangers on Facebook.

An even fewer number buy and send them gifts. What you did on Sunday only you know, but for one Kenyan on Twitter, the whole world knows.

A guy going by the name Kostafi on the social media platform surprised his mother with a new car. Mind you, this is not a second-hand car he got for the cheap from some backstreet dealer.

This is a car direct from Toyota Kenya showroom.

A brand new Toyota Rav 4, 2019 model. Toyota Kenya has listed it for between Sh4.9 million and Sh6.9 million depending on the options.

Well, I hope he had posted a video of her mom’s reaction, but for now just pictures.

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