Kanze Dena Excites Netizens as she Dances Live on Air to Nandy’s Hit Song [VIDEO]

May 14, 2019

State House Spokesperson Kanze Dena had quite an eventful day on Monday.

In addition to explaining president Uhuru’s conspicuous absence in the public domain, Kanze Dena also had the time to break into dance and song during an interview on Radio Maisha.

The former Citizen TV news anchor could not help herself when one of her all-time favourite hits went on air – ‘Ninogeshe’ by Tanzanian songbird Nandy.

Radio Maisha hosts Billy and MCA Tricky also joined in the fun as they danced and sang for about two minutes. But it was Kanze who got all the plaudits from Kenyans online for her smooth dance moves and singing.

One fan commented, “Hahaha.. More fireeee…Kanze akona moves Kali…”

Another simply wrote, “Kanze ako juu ???”

“Wow…she is so pretty..hadi amenona ??,” another fan observed.

Another rated the trios’ dance moves, writing, “Tricky, 10/10, kanze 10/10, halafu billy tuseme 5/10 itamfaa, haha.”

Watch Kanze’s dance moves in the clip below.

While explaining Uhuru’s whereabouts, Kanze noted that she was surprised by those saying he was missing after returning from a trip to China.

“I get surprised when people say that the president has gone missing in action. President Kenyatta has been in his office tackling various state issues as well as taking time to meditate. The President is around, it doesn’t mean that because he is not seen in public he is not there, he has an office where he goes every day to work,” said Kanze.


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