How Rashid Abdalla and his “Best friend” Lulu Hassan Settle their Differences

May 2, 2019

Rashid Abdalla says working alongside his wife Lulu Hassan is fulfilling and fun because she is his best friend.

“It is always nice when you are working with your best friend and Lulu is my best friend,” Rashid said, adding, “Someone who understands me more than anyone else apart from my mum.”

Speaking about their marriage, Rashid said it isn’t perfect but they have figured out a way to work out their differences.

According to Abdalla, there’s a difference between falling out and having differences.

“I think the best advice to everyone out there is, in any relationship, if you believe there is ‘kukosana’, that relationship doesn’t exist,” he said.

“Lulu and I have our own differences. We build each other based on that and we accept correction and move on. We don’t fall out. We build each other as well,” he said, adding that if you live with the mentality that you want to be the best, you’ll never be.

“Give people good stuff and let them decide if you’re good or not,” he explained as quoted by Word Is.

His advice to aspiring journalists? Don’t join the media industry because you’ve heard there’s money or because you want to be famous”.

“Join because it’s your passion and try to do your level best,” he said.

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