Gospel Singer MasterPiece Talks About Crush on Huddah, Drawing Inspiration from Neymar, Ideal Woman

May 6, 2019

New kid on the urban gospel music scene Emmanuel King alias Master Piece ruffled some feathers last week when he invited Huddah Monroe to church in a post on Instagram.

The gesture was seen by some fans as a romantic interest in the petite socialite. But Masterpiece, 22, has clarified on what he meant saying his post was taken out of proportion.

The ‘Confidence’ singer also talks about his issue with secular hitmaking group Ethic, how he draws inspiration from Brazil football star Neymar and more.

 You started doing music when you were quite young, how have things changed in the industry from then?

Back then, I was under J Blessing’s management but now I am in charge of things. The industry has had so many changes since then. Videos are of higher quality and artistes have increased in number.

There was a bit of drama when you declared Huddah to be your crush…

(laughs) I think people blew that out of proportion but honestly, I would want to be close to her and by the end of the day, help her see the light so she can serve God. She is a woman I feel can do a lot if she turns to the Gospel.

You had previously blasted Ethic for their vulgarity. How do you feel about the emerging groups such as Ochunglo family?

Listen, that is their hustle and I respect it but they are misleading young people. Most of the people who listen to their music are high-schoolers and I just feel like they are setting a bad trend.

How did you feel about the whole DK Kwenye Beat and Hope Kid drama?

Nobody is perfect, okay?  Anything can happen to anyone and man is to error. They both made a mistake and asked for forgiveness so they should be forgiven. People are so judgemental sometimes.

There are some people who felt like it was a publicity stunt to gain some mileage when they released songs shortly after…

Surely, what kind of stunt is that? Even if it was, that is their business. Only God knows their true intentions. It is between them and God. We should now put the whole thing behind us.

What needs to change about the gospel industry?

Everyone is an individual and is at liberty to do their own thing. I cannot tell them what to they need to change. I can only tell you what I, as Masterpiece, will continue to do, which is put in work. That aside, I feel we are doing well.

You have a great sense of style and love to experiment with different trends. What inspired your locks?

Honestly, I was inspired by Neymar. I saw the locks he had and just decided to do the same. I am a trendsetter in this industry. People see what I do and just decide to copy it. I put on dreads and other people do the same. I dye my hair white and everyone else does it but it is fine with me. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Forget about Huddah for a minute, who is your ideal woman?

I will confess that I am a very, very, picky person. However, I would want someone who is caring, loyal to me alone and someone honest too. Physical beauty is an added bonus.

Courtesy: Pulse

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