Death Sentence for 3 Suspects Who Stole Sh3,300 from Taxi Driver

May 8, 2019
Josphat Njoroge and Hilda Njau

Three suspects have been sentenced to death in a Kerugoya Court for robbery with violence.

Josphat Njoroge, Hilda Njau and Mikeson Mutinda were charged that on October 5, 2016 at Kabendoso area within the outskirts of Kerugoya town, while armed with dangerous weapons, they robbed Ibrahim Mwangi of Sh3,300 in cash while using actual violence on him.

A second count read that on the same date and place, while armed with knives, the suspects attempted to rob the said Mwangi of his motor vehicle, a Toyota Fielder valued at Sh900,000, while using actual violence on him.

Mwangi, a taxi driver, told the court how on the material day, Njoroge and Hilda approached him at the taxi parking bay within Kerugoya town and asked to be dropped at Kabendoso area where they wanted to view a parcel of land which was on sale.

On approaching the said land, the suspects asked him to stop as they had spotted the owner of the said land

“But on stopping two other men boarded the vehicle after which I immediately developed a hunch that I was in serious trouble,’’ Mwangi testified.

The witness recalled how Njoroge and Mutinda grabbed him, tied a rope around his neck and started to strangle him as Njau pointed him with a knife.

The Court also heard that Njoroge and Mutinda tried to push Mwangi from the steering wheel with the rope still around his neck.

“Luckily an oncoming tractor driver sensed trouble and blocked the road as I screamed for help at the top of my voice,” he said in a past court hearing.

This attracted members of the public and bodaboda operators who made a citizen’s arrest on Njoroge and Njau. Mutinda fled and took cover inside a chicken pen but he was found later after a search.

Police arrived on time and saved the three from mob justice.

Senior Resident Magistrate Eric Wambo said after corroborative evidence was adduced by the various witnesses to prove the case, there was only death sentence for such an offence.

“Since you have declined to show any iota of remorse even after being accorded the opportunity, I hereby sentence you to death as prescribed by the law and accord you 14 days within which to appeal,” Wambo ruled.

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