Akothee: My Flat Buttocks Were Spanked During Norway Show

May 20, 2019

Akothee does not like to be spanked. Apparently, if her lover ever spanked her during the act, that would be the end of it.

The popular musician made the sensational comments while recalling how her fans went overboard during a show in Oslo, Norway. According to an Instagram post on Sunday, her fans mobbed and even physically assaulted her during the white and gold party held at Kanonhallen Peter Mollers.

Akothee said this was the first time she performed without security, further describing the experience a traumatic.

“I think I forget myself at times, who did I think I was to make a move without security…did I think I was in Turkana?

“The first time trying s**t without security, not even my personal security…never ever again, that was trauma. Fan love is real, but it can get dangerous & overwhelming for an artist, never underestimate the crowd,” wrote Akothee.

Adding, “At some point, I had to play hide and seek with a guy who almost lifted me up. Thank God fans came on stage and I could hide between them. I looked left right to give a signal like, “hey I need help”, but everyone seems to be having fun and they thought it was my way of enjoyment. I received a lot of slaps in my flat buttocks and you know they are almost bones, some slaps really went in.”

Akothee said when she went to her hotel room after the show, she broke down in tears. She also revealed that her main bodyguard, Billy Blanks, did not accompany her because his visa was delayed.


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