What David Beckham Told Arsenal Fan Blinky Bill When They Partied in South Africa

April 26, 2019

To say that Blinky Bill is winning in life would be an understatement. Man’s international now!

When Blinky composed ‘Mungu Halali’ and released it last year, he probably knew that God was still wide awake pulling strings to make sure the Kenyan music creative keeps soaring to greater heights this year.

Just last month, Blinky Bill Sellanga was tapped by giant airline Emirates to be part of its pan-African brand advertising campaign.

The campaign features an original song inspired by contemporary African electronic club music, produced by Blinky Bill.

Emirates seeks to celebrate the achievements of young Africans, spreading the message of ‘New Africa’ to the world. The campaign stars the ‘Just A Band’ frontman alongside 21-year-old South Sudanese model Shanelle Nyasiase and chief executive and publisher of OkayAfrica, Abiola Oke.

And Blinky has been quite busy as he travels the world on a tour that has since seen him perform in Switzerland, France, and Nigeria. He is currently in South Africa where he got the rare chance to not only meet but perform for English sportsman David Beckham in Jo’burg.

Posting to Twitter, Blinky Bill on Wednesday night flexed, “I think I just saw David Beckham at this party.”

According to Blinky, the Manchester United legend stayed for his entire set on the night and enjoyed it.

It also happened to be on the night both Manchester United and Arsenal lost their respective Premier league matches to Man City and Wolves.

Beckham used the opportunity to troll Blinky who is an Arsenal fan.

” He [David Beckham] stayed for my entire set and enjoyed it, [he] said I wasn’t too bad for an Arsenal fan. Such a great night,” tweeted Blinky Bill.

The producer and DJ nearly had his photo-op with the Beckham ruined after someone took a blurry photo. Blinky joked about it saying it’s why he has trust issues.

He. however, got a better picture taken; the cherry on top of what has been a successful tour in South Africa.


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