Undercover Cops Dressed as Church Women Gun Down Two Suspects in Dandora

April 26, 2019

Police officers in Nairobi resorted to dressing as women in religious garb during a manhunt for a five-man gang that has been terrorizing residents of Dandora area.

The gangsters were stationed at Stage ya Maji where they waylaid and robbed worshipers coming from night prayer vigils, otherwise known locally as Kesha.

At least four victims had reported [at 4 am Tuesday] to Dandora Police Station that they had been robbed at Stage ya Maji.

According to police, they decided to go undercover as religious women because the criminals easily recognised plain-clothed detectives.

“They [gangsters] selected who to attack very well and our officers realised they won’t get them since they easily disappeared after they saw the police,” said Kamukunji police commander Adamson Bungei.

He added, “Our officers were actually ambushed and ordered to drop everything. Two of the gangsters drew pistols but they were shot dead before firing at the cops in the 5 am incident. Three others escaped on foot.”

Reports indicate that each of the gangsters was armed with a homemade pistol, one of which was recovered about 10 metres from the scene.

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