‘Taka Taka’ Hitmaker Defies Ezekiel Mutua’s Ban, Drops Comedian-studded Video – Watch

April 23, 2019

FastCash Music Group founder KRG the Don is not going down without a fight with regard to banned viral hit song – Taka Taka – sung by upcoming musician Alvindo.

Barely a week after Kenya’s self-declared morality policeman Ezekiel Mutua rained on the artistes’ parade by banning the controversial song, KRG and Alvindo have re-released the video.

The Kenya Film Classification Board head honcho Mr Mutua on Tuesday, April 16, said ‘Taka Taka’ should not be performed live or broadcast anywhere within Kenya citing “its obscene and degrading lyrics that advocate for violence against women by equating them to trash.”

The video was doing well having gained over 1 million views on YouTube. According to Eric, Alvindo’s manager, they had spent a cool Sh 1 million to create the video.

“We spent a lot of money on it. We invested over Sh 1 million for the video so it does not make sense cancelling it. Mutua banned the audio all because he misunderstood it,” Eric said.

On the new video, KRG prompted it on his socials saying, “Taka Taka is back bigger and better”.

Uploaded to YouTube on Sunday, April 21, the video features comedians DJ Shiti, Butita, Shaniqwa and has since garnered over 20K views.

Check it out below as we wait for Ezekiel Mutua’s counter-move.

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